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We Believe Homeowners Fall Into One of These Four Catagories

  1. Willing to trade time and save money by doing all the work themselves.
  2. Would rather do other things with their time so they hire pros for the job.
  3. DIY some things and hire experts for the stuff that’s over their heads.
  4. Those who don’t care much about the appearance of their house or how it functions in their lives.

At BCS, we serve those that fall into the second and third spots.

 We believe that most of us want a beautiful and functional home (except for that small group of people in the fourth category) but construction is hard work, confusing, and most times dangerous. Plus, contractors are notoriously sketchy and hard to deal with. Getting the most out of your home doesn’t have to be the stressful, bank-breaking experience that it’s been painted to be. We’re the contractors that won’t leave you high and dry. What a novel idea right?

Get the Most Out of Your Home

These days, our home is more central to our lives than ever before. It’s where our memories are made, our safe place to rest our heads, and where we express ourselves. For some of us, our home has also become our office, our kid’s school, our gym, and our sanctuary. As our lives change, our homes should also. We believe in making your home work for you.

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Proudly Serving Maryland, Northwest D.C., and Virginia since 2014

“When I first started BCS in 2014 I never thought that today we would have completed over 1,500 jobs, served customers in over 10 towns, and employ over 100 people! All of that has been possible because of your support and your trust in our company. So, thank you for the opportunity to serve you. We appreciate it more than we can show!”

– Sam

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We’ve been named News Channels 7’s “landscaper of choice” and we couldn’t be happier. We’re featured regularly on their program to share information that helps homeowners protect their homes and get the most out of it.

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Committed to our community.

Every year we host a scholarship award worth $10,000. Six students who apply will be awarded based on three different categories; their work in the community, their influence as a leader, and their relationship-building skills.

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“After 15 years of doing my own yardwork, I am glad I finally turned it over to a group of experts, Sam took his time to carefully put together an Free Estimate for the work and thought of things I hadn’t considered. He assigned a team that keeps my yard looking fantastic. What a relief to come back from vacation this summer and to see the pristine condition of my landscaping.”

Victor F.
Bethesda, MD

“Sam and his team have done a really great job with our property. His team has done lawn maintenance for our relatively complicated lawn with various types of plants and landscaping. We also hired them for a major drainage project, window-well creation, as well as repair work on our flagstone path which is original to our home built in the 1950s. Sam serves as an excellent consultant and we have trusted all of his recommendations. After lengthy comparison at the start, his pricing is fair and reasonable, and his team’s work is of the finest quality and care.”

Jessica W.
Washington, Dc.

“A locally owned business whose owner grew up in the area and decided to throw his energy and enthusiasm into helping clientele improve and beautify their homes and the neighborhood. Sam Forline is earnest and truly committed to customer service. We hired Blue Collar Scholars to put in a small stone retaining wall and build/install a custom designed shed and are happy with the outcome”

Ann C.
Bethesda, MD