9 Concrete Patio Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

9 Concrete Patio Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

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In 2015, Bloomberg.com found that houses with patios were hot sellers. Roughly 96,000 houses with patios were sold in 2014, up from 59,000 in 2010. Adding a patio to your home is a quick way to add to your house’s value.

When adding patios to their homes, many people choose concrete as their building material. Concrete offers a sturdy structure that can withstand the elements. However, it can also seem a bit bland.

Fortunately, there are several ways to spice up a concrete patio! Check out these nine concrete patio ideas to spark your imagination.

1. Concrete Patio with Fire Pit

Adding a fire pit is a classic way to liven up your concrete patio. These accessories can light up your patio whether you’re hosting friends or want a warm place to drink coffee at night. People especially love these during seasons like fall and spring, when the nights still have that cooler chill.

2. Concrete Patio Under Deck Ideas

Does your second floor have a deck outside? If so, consider building a concrete patio underneath it.

Upstairs decks provide a textured ceiling that shelters your patio from the elements. Then, you can create a cozy living space to sit and chat with guests.

3. Consider Concrete Colors for Patios

Another way to liven up a concrete patio is with contrasting colors. Try painting your walls one shade while using a contrasting shade for the floor.

4. Choose Colorful Furniture

Concrete generally comes in various shades of gray. However, you can brighten up your space with colorful furniture and upholstery!

Consider adding bright, warm colors to your space. Vivid reds and oranges light up the area and make it more cheerful. However, you can also keep it mellow with calming blues and greens.

5. Covered Patio Ceiling Ideas

There are several ways to dress up your covered patio’s ceiling. Many homeowners prefer to use warm, natural tones to balance the concrete’s cooler tones. These tones can help you and your guests relax.

6. Add Wicker and Wood

Wicker and wood furnishings add a natural touch to any concrete patio. Their warmer aesthetics make the space feel homely, while the concrete provides structural security. Just make sure not to put this furniture too close to the fire pit!

7. Add Warm Colors

Another idea is to add warm sunny colors to your patio. Beiges and weathered warm colors can make your space feel less cold. This approach works best with natural sunlight entering the space.

8. Create a Pathway to Your Patio

One way to draw the eye to your patio is to install a concrete walkway. This pathway can make the space feel like a natural outgrowth of your yard. It also draws the eye to this living space, making it a central feature of your landscape.

9. Add Plants

Plants can do wonders for your hardscaping. Aesthetically, they blur the line between natural and man-made in this space. However, plant exposure and other natural features can benefit your mental health.

Find a Contractor to Make Your Concrete Patios Ideas a Reality

These 9 concrete patio ideas can enhance your landscape tremendously. If you don’t want to go at it alone, give us a call. Our team of pros will help you design and create the perfect outdoor patio.

We have years of experience building concrete patios that our customers love. Contact us today to plan out your hardscaping project!

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