Emergency Tree Removal: The Complete Guide for Homeowners

Emergency Tree Removal: The Complete Guide for Homeowners

emergency tree removal

Emergency Tree Removal: The Complete Guide for Homeowners

Did you know that falling trees cause multiple deaths every year? Maryland’s stormy season could cause trees to fall on yards, cars, and houses. How do you deal with emergency tree removal when disaster strikes?

Emergency Tree Removal Service

What does an emergency tree removal consist of, and how can you prevent the disaster? Here’s what you can expect when it comes to tree emergencies.

What is a Tree Emergency?

A tree emergency consists of any situation where a tree is posing a threat or active issue. Most commonly, this occurs when a tree falls during a storm or severe weather.

For example: Maryland receives an average of 20 inches of snow per winter. If your trees aren’t properly cared for, the snow can gather in the boughs of the tree. That snow then causes the branches to snap away and crash into your car, damaging and sometimes even totaling your vehicle.

How to Prevent a Tree Emergency

Preventing a tree emergency is an important part of dealing with the stormy season. Being proactive stops issues from rainy seasons, snowy winters, or freak accidents. Here are some steps to prevent issues.

Remove Old Trees

Some trees will begin to die as they age. While oaks can live centuries, other trees may slowly die from the inside.

When this occurs, the branches will begin to become brittle, making them easier to break. However, they’re still heavy enough to cause significant damage. The entire tree can also fall, making it important to remove the tree.

Contacting a local service to remove the tree is a great way to head off any issues. You’ll rest easier knowing you don’t need to worry about a tree crashing through your roof.

Trim Branches

Tree care can also help prevent emergencies. It isn’t always preferable to remove the entire tree!

Have our team of professionals come inspect your tree and handle overhanging branches. Removing limbs that stretch over your driveway or home can stop most emergencies. If a branch falls, making sure it doesn’t fall on your home will stop the problem.

Emergency Tree Removal Near Me

Blue Collar Scholars is happy to serve the Maryland area in times of need. If you have a tree emergency, we can help you explore your options for tree removal services.

If a tree is threatening your property, we can help trim the branches down and end the threat. Should you prefer tree removal, we can get the tree out of your way. We’ll also help remove your stumps to stop any eyesores!

No matter what tree service you need, we’re happy to give the best care to the citizens of Maryland.

Handling Your Emergency Tree Removal

If you’re dealing with emergency tree removal, you need to act fast to stop the issue from getting worse. Work proactively to stop a tree from posing a threat to the safety of your family or property. We’ll help you remove a tree’s branches or the tree itself, as well as the stump!

For more information on how to stop disasters, contact us for a quote!

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