How to Winterize a Screened-in Porch

How to Winterize a Screened-in Porch

How to Winterize a Screened-in Porch

In 2020, over sixty percent of American homeowners were still struggling with property damage from the previous winter.

If you’re not careful, winter can cause major issues for your home maintenance.

So, how do you protect your home during the cold winter months? One major issue is your porch. Let’s go through how to winterize a screened-in porch.

Clean Up

You should start by making sure your screened-in porch is squeaky clean. You don’t want to open it up in the spring only to find out your porch needs a deep clean. Scrub your windows thoroughly.

If your porch is wood, inspect for any mold – you don’t want it to spread and require you to pay for expensive repair work once the weather gets warmer.

Clean up your screened-in porch furniture, too. If you have waterproof covers for your furniture, put them on. Ideally, remove any pillows or fabric-based accessories to prevent them from getting waterlogged if there’s a problem.

Insulate Your Porch

One major part of winterizing your screened-in porch is insulating it to stop anything from freezing. This will also let you keep using your porch during the winter months.

Start by choosing a material to help you insulate your porch for the winter. Different materials might be more or less effective – but they also might be more or less expensive. Keep your budget in mind when you’re buying insulating materials.

To keep cold weather from leaking through the cracks, you’ll want to make sure that you cover up every single part of your porch. Sheeting can be helpful for this purpose. Vinyl or plastic sheeting works well, just ensure you get enough to cover your entire porch.

If you’re not expecting heavy snow this year, or you live in a warmer area, there are less intense options for you to consider.

Talk To The Professionals

You might not have the time or energy to winterize your porch yourself. Luckily, there are lots of professional home maintenance companies that can help you out.

While you’re at it, you’ll want to ensure that the rest of your home is prepared for the winter. Ask about winter landscaping services for your yard. You can also hire snow removal services to limit the extent of the damage.

Keep It Heated

If you plan to use your screened-in porch during the winter, you need to ensure it’s warm enough. So, how to heat a screened-in porch in the winter?

Depending on your setup, you may have a fire pit on your screened-in porch. Otherwise, you might have to shell out some cash to answer the question, how to keep screened-in porch warm in winter? A space heater is an easy fix – just make sure you follow the safety instructions carefully.

How to Winterize a Screened-in Porch: Start Today

There’s no time to waste now that you know how to winterize a screened-in porch. The weather’s getting colder quickly!

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