Landscaping Services in Bethesda, MD

Landscaping serves as an avenue to a happier home and a happier you. At Blue Collar Scholars, our Bethesda, MD, landscaping services make this transformation possible. Available services include planter wall construction, garden installation and/or maintenance, and even artificial turf installation.

Every home or business has a different layout, and everyone has different preferences. Our contractors will sit with you to discuss landscaping and/or planting service expectations. Both of these services can enhance a house’s curb appeal and potentially drive up its value.

Services That Up Your Schedule

You have a busy schedule, and you don’t want to spend your spare time doing laborious landscaping errands like mowing the lawn. With our help, your house will be more polished—and you don’t have to lift a finger. Call our professionals today to eliminate landscaping services from your to-do list.

Tree Planting Option Available

Planting a tree can bring about physical, mental, and environmental benefits. Popular trees to plant tend to be Dogwoods, Cherry Laurels, Japanese Maples, Sweetbay Magnolia, Holly Trees, Cherry Tree Okame, and other deciduous trees native to the Washington D.C. area.

The serenity of living near trees helps us mentally escape the day-to-day bustle of life. An extra tree can make all the difference—in both your yard and the world. As a homeowner with a busy schedule, you’ll greatly appreciate the benefits on stressful days. But that doesn’t mean you won’t experience (and appreciate) them when things are finally quiet.

Planting a tree can also bring about several environmental benefits. Trees offset greenhouse gasses and are also known to reduce air temperature as a result of blocking sunlight.

Make a Statement

Our home and commercial landscaping company will make a statement. Neighbors will be jealous of the landscaping at your house, and friends and family members will want to plan more at-home parties. Simply put, a well-polished home exterior stands out.

Make the right choice for your property—call us today for professional landscaping services in the Bethesda, MD, area.