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We’ve Heard the Horror Stories

In fact, that’s one of the reasons why we got into professional landscaping in the first place Our mission is, and always has been, to do right by our customers. Our intent focuses on customer service, making good on our promises, and delivering exactly what we say we will are a few of the reasons we have been able to serve so many satisfied customers since 2008..

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We pride ourselves on having a customer satisfaction rate of over 90%

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Sod Installation in Maryland, NW Washington DC & Northern Virginia

Professional Sod Laying

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New Sod

Sometimes a fresh restart is all you need for your lawn.

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Landscape Design

New ideas to revamp your front or back yard can go a long way towards relaxing in your home!

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Things grow! It is our job to keep everything maintained and keep your home looking picture perfect.

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Clean up

Your lawn is beautiful somewhere under all of that rubble. Sometimes, a clean up from a professional landscaping staff will leave your lawn as good as new!

We’re the Outlier

The simple and ugly truth is that there just are not many good contractors out there. Our goal is to beautify that truth by being the outliers.

We understand that choosing the right person for the job is and should be, something that you take your time with. We hope to have the opportunity to show you that we have what it takes to make your project a success.
  • All of our work is guaranteed
  • We have over a 90% customer satisfaction
  • Blue Collar Scholars is licensed & insured
  • We’ll work within your budget
  • Flexible zero interest payment options available
  • Discounts available for teachers, medical professionals, and first responders
  • Our average team member experience is 10+ years
  • Featured frequently on ABC7

How to Keep Grass Lush All Year in the North

Sam shares how we keep our clients grass looking green, full, and brand new all year long in our unforgiving climate.

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How Does Sod Work for My Yard?

Sod installation is a quick and effective method for restoring your yard and landscaping to optimal health. Traditional seeding methods take a long time to grow, whereas sod is more of a ‘quick-fix’ alternative that provides lasting results if installed and cared for properly. Sod is pregrown grass that is laid out in strips and measured to fit your yard’s specifications.

The pregrown strips are laid down on prepared soil so they can naturally take hold and begin growing like seeded grass. Sod strips are grown in an offsite location to full maturity and then transported and placed in your yard. Once placed, you can enjoy the fruits of our labor as if you’ve grown seeded grass for months.

The Sod Installation Process

There are several steps to ensure your lawn is prepared for sod and that it grows effectively. For starters, we’ll prep your yard by clearing it of any debris so the sod strips can be placed on a smooth, compacted surface. We also test the soil to confirm that it has the accurate nutrient levels to grow the sod naturally. If necessary, we can add lime or fertilizer as growing agents.

Sod strips are placed in a staggered fashion to prevent any seams and make it appear like seeded grass. Once placed, the sod requires frequent watering to help kickstart the root connection with the soil. All the strips will also be pressed down to remove any air pockets.

Sod Aeration Services

Aeration is another helpful practice to guarantee the sod takes hold and grows properly. It involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air and moisture to seep in over time. When soil is compacted, aeration allows for these essential nutrients to still get in so the grass can get what it needs.

Using Overseeding to Help With Aeration

There are several things you can do to help aerated soil, one of which is overseeding. Overseeding involves spreading additional grass seed into a sodded lawn to fill in any empty spots. It helps provide variety to the sodded lawn and gives it a more natural, lush appearance. The additional seeding is spread evenly to cover any potential areas that need it. Overseeding, combined with aeration, prevents weed growth, poor lawn density, and soil/lawn erosion.

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What Our Clients Say

You know the saying, you’re only as good as your last project. Here is what our recent clients have to say about their experience with us.

We just purchased a new home next to downtown Bethesda and wanted to completely renovate our yard. There was an old patio that we hated and a failing retaining wall. Not to mention that we had a very soggy area right next to the corner of our backyard where the inspector said there might be water damage. Sam and Tim came out and not only did we have a good time, but they showed me the solutions to everything and help me completely redesigned my backyard. They actually solved the drainage problem too! We now have a new paver patio. We have a new stone retaining wall and our grass looks better than ever. I highly recommend and they now have a new fan!

Brian V

I was having this work done while living overseas. Despite the challenges this presented, the entire team was extremely helpful in every facet of this project. I was expecting a headache or two throughout this process but I was put at ease from the first call. Their customer service and quality of work are top notch. I must have had 3 different changes to the plants I wanted. Each of which was met with simply a “no problem”. The finished product is exactly as we discussed and I really couldn’t be happier with the turnout. I’m not normally one for writing reviews but when someone knocks it out of the park…. a little recognition is the least I can do. Thank you everyone …….the oscars “get the hell off the stage” music is rolling so it’s time to go

Adam S

I never write reviews but felt compelled to write one this time. I hired Sam and his guys at Blue Collar Scholars 2 years ago and again this year to do a winter clean up which required serious cutting of branches from many of my trees, in addition to heavy pruning of all my plants. It’s now spring once again and all the work they did looks amazing since the trees were cut back so drastically like I requested and are growing back in nicely. I told him to “cut them SO FAR back, make then look miniaturized” and he did. I asked this of 3 other companies over the years and no one took the time to trim them to the extent that his crew did. I get compliments all the time on my yard now and recommended them to my neighbors on each side of me. They took away all the scraps, down to the last leaf and worked super fast so everything was perfect when I got home each time it was done.

Steve R

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