Terms and Conditions

* Blue Collar Scholars LLC will be listed as BCS. BCS Estimates are valid for 45 days from the date distributed. BCS is not responsible for unmarked utilities, such as phone line and sprinkler systems. Any disturbed areas directly related to the project being completed will be treated with seed and straw upon completion unless otherwise stated.  Sod can be installed at additional cost to the client. Clients are responsible for any Permits not listed as covered by BCS in Estimate, and for any communication with their HOA/neighbors. Clients are responsible for providing Survey Plots, preferably during the Estimate process. Second visits by an estimator, for the same Scope of Work, if requested by the client, may be subject to a $50.00 fee that will be applied to the balance of related work to be completed. If changes are made to the contract, after it is agreed to and a deposit is placed, a charge of up to $250.00 will be placed as an administrative fee to cover the time involved. BCS can provide rough drawings at the request of the client. Drawings of BCS estimates are not produced to the same standard of Architects or Engineers drawings, but are provided for reference purposes only. Architect or Engineering drawings may be provided at an additional cost, to be determined on a project by project basis. BCS will not be held responsible for work that is not completed wholly by BCS.  I.E, partial fences, repairs to existing hardscaping. BCS will not be responsible for any damage done to our work caused by outside issues.  I.E, objects, animals or persons disrupting the finish on fresh concrete. BCS will not be held responsible for damage to parking areas or driveways due to weight of equipment and/or improper construction. BCS can only provide a guarantee on plantings, sodding and/or seedings that are purchased by BCS, for 1 year.  Plants determined to be improperly cared for, or annuals, will not be included. BCS promises to fix any issues within our warranty period as quickly as we are able to. The BCS guarantee period is as follows: Drainage – 1 year, Construction – 3 years. Changes made by the client, within 4 weeks of scheduled start date, may cause a delay in the start of the project. BCS takes the submission of the initial deposit for a project as a signature of approval. BCS will refund any canceled projects deposit, except for the transaction fee (2.9% for Credit Cards and $10 for ACH) or any material that has already been special ordered for said project. For Projects over $10k: BCS will take 1/3 of Estimate price as initial deposit, 1/3 upon start of project, and the remaining 1/3 within 3 days of notification of completion. For Projects under $10k: BCS will take 1/2 of Estimate price as initial deposit, and the remaining 1/2 balance within 3 days of notification of completion. A card will be held on file and charged on the 3rd day if the Client does not respond to communication attempts from BCS to collect final payment. For denied payments, or late payments after 3 days from completion, a 6% fee will be applied to the remaining balance. After 30 days from completion, an additional 6% fee will be added to the remaining balance.  This fee will occur every 30 days until payment is received. BCS is not responsible for injuries caused from the project side to non-employees/contractors. BCS requests that all construction zones are avoided until work is completed.  This includes, but is not limited to: Home owners, children and animals. BCS is not responsible for damage or costs to ongoing projects not caused by BCS employees. All directional explanations in the estimate are based on looking at the front of the home. BCS can not guarantee any work done on top of existing structures. Any structure we are building on top of could cause our work to fail and we can not be held responsible. This includes any job with veneers, paint, stucco, deck resurfacing and more. Ask your estimator if you have any questions regarding your jobs guarantee. BCS is not responsible for any issues caused by design defects on projects where a third party engineer or architect dictated the construction specifications and the final inspection was approved by the appropriate municipality. Efflorescence is a natural and common occurrence in many concrete products. Efflorescence occurs when natural salts come to the surface and leave behind a white deposit that can normally be brushed off. This is not a product defect or harmful to pavers and walls. BCS and our suppliers accept no liability for its occurrence. It usually wears away with time. BCS will come out and professionally clean efflorescence, if it appears, for an additional cost. Cleaning may take multiple visits. BCS will not be held responsible for item theft or damage of items that are moved due to being left in the workspace. BCS will not be held responsible for any damage that occurs due to Snow/Ice Melt or cleaning chemicals.