When to Do Spring Yard Clean Up

When to Do Spring Yard Clean Up

When to Do Spring Yard Clean Up

When to Do Spring Yard Clean Up

The average yard in the United States is 23,301 square feet, giving you plenty of room to work with. But with so much space, knowing when to do a spring yard clean-up is crucial. What does a yard clean-up consist of, and how much will it cost?

If you’re curious about your spring yard clean-up preparation, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about perfecting your yard clean-up routine.

What Does a Yard Clean-Up Consist Of?

To start gathering your yard clean-up supplies, you’ll need to know what your tasks are! Here are three of the most important parts of your spring yard clean-up.


If there are trees in your yard, you need to keep the leaves from covering your yard. Trees shed leaves all year long, though the Fall months are when most leaves fall.

These leaves can strangle your grass. Letting the leaves stay over your yard will kill your foliage, make it difficult for plants to grow, and damage your property.

One of the only things that grow when the leaves are thick is weeds. Make sure you keep your yard raked to avoid a yard full of weeds and dead grass.

Pavement Care

Taking care of your pavement is important! Your pathways and sidewalks are an important part of your property.

Make sure you’re edging near your pavement to keep weeds from growing over the path. You should also clear out pathways like gravel walkways or stones.


Speaking of keeping weeds away, there’s more than just pavement! Weeds pop up all over your yard, from sidewalks to garden beds.

You should dedicate some time during your clean-up to remove the weeds from wherever you don’t want them. These weeds will kill off other plants, crawl over pavements, and quickly spiral out of control if you don’t remove them.

How Much Does a Spring Yard Clean-Up Cost?

While making your yard clean-up checklist, you’ll need a budget. Here are some guidelines on how much you should expect to pay.

DIY Methods

Many people do their clean-up themselves rather than hiring professionals. For DIY costs, consider the equipment and supplies you need.

Equipment like weedeaters, lawnmowers, rakes, edgers, and more can add up to the thousands. Fertilizers, gravel, sod, and other materials are far from cheap!

In short, a DIY method is expensive unless you already have the equipment. Expect to spend thousands of dollars on the required materials.

Hiring Professionals

Hiring professionals is a great way to keep the cost and effort down. Professionals bring their own equipment, stopping you from having to buy such machines.

If you’re looking for excellent landscaping without hassle, hiring a professional is ideal. We can get your Maryland yard into perfect shape without inconveniencing you!

Keeping Your Yard Clean

Knowing when to do spring yard clean-ups is crucial to your yard’s health and appearance. Create a checklist and budget to help you tackle your tasks. You can trust the professionals to take care of your Maryland property and handle your spring clean-up for you.

For more information, contact us for a quote!

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